Miesto konania: Penati Club Agátová 33, Bratislava


Termín konania:  16.9 – 17.9.2008 od 08:30  do 16:30


CobiT for information systems security and control audits. CobiT is also being used by Management to under-stand the IT control environment and to setperformance guidelines. The primary objective of this workshop is to assist professionals who wish to make use of COBIT® for improving IT governance in their organisation. The entire product suite will be examined and the relevant audit and control issues will be discussed. Practical examples will be used to illustrate COBIT®’s framework and the benefits to be derived from using COBIT® within your organisation. The workshop will assist IT management, auditors as well other IT control professionals, as it develops also the usage of COBIT® to implement practical general controls in the IT environment.
Two day Course CobiT® to improve IT Governance


Day 1: COBIT® basics Introductions

  • Why the need for using COBIT® to improve IT governance
  • How controls have a vital contribution to realise the organisations objectives.
  • IT governance leviers in Risk Management and other processes
  • The COBIT® framework and control objectives
  • IT control practices
  • Case study on risk assessment and process prioritisation
  • Audit and control assessments
  • The IT Assurance Guide using CobiT 4.1

What is new?
What is the added value?
Illustrations on the improvements for auditors as well as for other IT control professionals.


Day 2: Monitoring and reporting, process control maturity


The COBIT® management guidelines

Control Self Assessment (CSA) and benchmarking

Practical experiences with CSA and control improvements at Eläke Fennia in Finland

The COBIT® management guidelines: linking corporate governance and IT governance with goals and indicators

The IT balanced scorecard

Implementing COBIT® in the organisation

Case study on Control Self Assessments with the maturity model

Improving IT governance

The view from the top: how general managers and Board members see IT

The Val IT control framework a quick overview

How to improve IT alignment with

The IT strategy and steering committees

  • IT alignment and risk management improvement
  • Other powerful ways to improve IT alignment
  • Implementations in different environments and countries
  • Scope and plan IT Management control and governance initiatives


Active participation

To enforce the learning experience, participants will be working on several case studies and can share experiences.

  • Delegates will actively participate in:
  • Case Studies designed to help reinforce key concepts;
  • Group discussions;
  • The experience of the course tutor who is also a practising consultant



This seminar is suitable for IT managers, risk and audit managers, auditors, information security professionals and other control specialists who have an interest and some experience in better controlling information technology.



The participant should have a basic understanding of the organisation of information technology.

Profile of Speaker – Hendrik Ceulemans

Hendrik Ceulemans is the Principal of InfoGovernance, offering IT governance and IT security governance consultancy and trainings. Areas covered particularly include: using COBIT® and Val IT to improve IT governance, aligning policies and standards with business needs. Hendrik is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, Master in Computer Auditing and Master in Business Administration.


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