Práca pre komunitu

ISACA’s greatest asset is its members, and those members who step forward and volunteer to contribute to the association’s work provide exceptional service.


Participate in ISACA


In addition to helping the association, volunteering benefits the volunteer as well. It enables him/her to make valuable contacts on a global basis, strengthen leadership skills, learn more about the organization, contribute to the profession’s knowledge base, and help fellow members develop professionally.


Through an extensive network of governing bodies, oversight boards, and technical committees, subcommittees and task forces, volunteers help ensure:


successful certification programs
comprehensive professional conferences
timely education programs
insightful research
thorough and appropriate online resources
representative professional standards
financially sound infrastructures.


They also help enable exchange of information, knowledge, experience and expertise via the Knowledge Center on the ISACA web site. In short, they ensure that members receive the high-quality resources they have come to expect from ISACA.


ISACA has been fortunate to have benefited from many exceptional volunteers throughout the association’s history. Members are encouraged to accept the personal responsibility to carry on that tradition, and help ISACA excel now and in the future.


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